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Just Another Day

on the farm! And other

things, thoughts,& tidbits.

Simply Quimby

Believe you can do anything!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a customer that really made me think. She said, "Oh I wish I could do half of what you do!" Of course my response to her was, "Oh but you can!" She laughed and strugged it off. "No really, you can! I didn't start out making beautiful pieces. They were actually really ugly, but I kept at at." That is the key to anything. Keep at it! Like gardening. I by far do not have a green thumb, I toss the seeds into the ground, count my blessings, make a wish and hope for the best. And you know what we get produce, sometimes it is in abundance and sometimes it is just enough to make one jar of pickles. But we continue to till the soil, stake it off, toss the

Cokato Corn Carnival

This lovely photo was taken by Taylor Williams and Bella Schaefer! This three day event is the highlight of our year! On Monday we helped our Girl Scout Troops decorate their float and the girls marched along side passing out candy and free cookies! I think this year was the biggest turn out for kids on the curb. We passed out 72 boxes of cookies along with about 50lbs of candy! Avery loved waving at all the people watching with a giant smile on her face! Of course we were a few floats behind the marching band so dancing was a necessary. Then on Tuesday the girls and I go to the carnival. Nothing beats the free Corn that is donated by Faribault Foods. We shake it down with salt and enjoy

Re-vamped, re-modeled, re-energized!

For the past week I have been shaking my tail feathers and hammer to get the barn re-done. I decided that there just wasn't enough space for all the pretty things. So with a little help and many late nights, I am proud to say it is completed! And I am super happy with the end results, I think you will be too! It is still a barn, with spiders that never seem to go away, and an occasional bird that fly's in to say hi. But there is a different feel now when you walk in. More of a relaxed feeling, more of that hygge feeling. And almost enough room for the girls to ride their bikes in and out. Yes, they have tried, more then once. But, I still have a full porch and a full garage of lovely

Hygge! Or as we say WHOO-Gah!

What exactly is Hygge? Just another popular trend that started sweeping the states in 2016? Or a feeling of cozy, comfort, and happiness that has finally found one name? Hygge (it is spelt way different the it is pronounced, Hau-gah) is a Danish ritual of enjoying life's simplest pleasures. It is the warm fuzzy feeling that you get around Christmas, only you find it all year long! It is a wonderful, magical feeling of comfort! The art of creating memories in a space that you share with your friends and family. Think fresh baked bread sliced and smothered in butter, a nice fresh cup of Joe, while you kick back and laugh with those you love. Or the solitude of a cup of tea, nestled on t


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