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Just Another Day

on the farm! And other

things, thoughts,& tidbits.

Simply Quimby

Your space, Your senses...Your Calm

More then a home, a place to rest your legs, a space for laughter, your heart. Your space should appeal to your senses. From the things you see to the things you smell. I am a huge fan of essential oils and wax melts. Although, I love to bake who has the time for that on this crazy farm. But I want it to smell like I have been baking fresh bread or yummy treats everytime I walk into my house. There is something about smells that calm us, or at times send us shooting for the moon. So step one in calming your home: go get yourself something that smells fantastic! Easiest place to start is your bedroom. You know that place you can hide when the kids are bonkers. Where ever you can wisk y

Back to School

"Mataya the bus, bus Mataya!" My two year old screams as she is running through the house. She gets so excited to see the bus coming down the gravel road. She perches in the old green chair, staring out the window as the bus pulls into the driveway. The whole time she is just chattering away about the big yellow school bus. How once she rode a bus, how she got to pet some cows with Maisy. And how this bus is Mataya's bus. She will do this everyday till the summer when the bus stops coming again. Fifth grade, what a milestone. My big girl will always be my little girl, regardless if she likes it or not. And I am filled with more sadness this year then years before. She is my helper


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