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Mondays, Wednesday and Friday's

We reopen at 6:30pm if we

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Just Another Day

on the farm! And other

things, thoughts,& tidbits.

Simply Quimby

In just one moment...

I hold my girls tighter now that I know that everything can be taken in a moment.  Although we didn't loose everything we lost enough.  We lost alot of our birds, the babies, which is the hardest for my oldest, we lost everything we worked hard to build and create.  But it can all be replaced, we can start over, we can build again.  And we will.  It just takes time.  When we go out each morning my youngest reminds us that there was a fire, she reminds us that our chickens are gone, not because she truly understands but because she witnessed it.  She seen the fire trucks, with the long hoses, making it "rain" on our chicken coop. I have taken away alot because of what happened.  That we are s


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