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Just Another Day

on the farm! And other

things, thoughts,& tidbits.

Simply Quimby

Geese...tales from the farm

Geese, you either love them or hate them. I think they are majestic in a strange way. But there are times when I think they are a pain in the hind end also, literally. Like right now. Our Harry is becoming the mean goose. His girlfriend Taylor is very laid back, doesn't honk very often, and really never gives any attitude. But then again she doesn't need to because Harry will do it for her and for every other animal on our farm too. He has always been loud and loves to hiss at anything that gets close to him or his pen. But now he is becoming aggressive. When you open the door to his pen he comes at you, this is not a good thing for a small child that is the same height as he is. G

Tales from our Farm!

Our life is definitely anything but dull. There is always something that happens out here on the farm. And it usually involves chickens, dogs and kids. Sometimes the occasional goat, but they are still new, so the adventures have just begun with Thelma and Louise. I usually post our stories on my personal Facebook page, but I thought maybe you would enjoy them also. So if you have never been out to Simply Quimby, we have about 40 feathered friends currently between two coops. Geese, Turkeys, Ducks and of course our chickens. 7 of those being roosters, and trust me when I say they don't get along. They will try to attack each other through the fence if given the opportunity. The other d

Go Real or Go Faux? Plants/Flowers

I love flowers and plants. I love how they look, smell and make me feel. But I can't keep a house plant for nothing. Either I forget to water it, or it doesn't get enough sunlight, heck maybe I am not talking to it enough, who knows why they always die. For me house plants take work. Kind of like seedlings for the garden, can't grow those little guys either, so my seeds go straight to the soil. Each year we get amazing veggies, but again not really sure how because we neglect them often also. If you have a green thumb and can keep your house plants alive, please share your secrets? Or better yet can you come take care of them for me? I opt for the faux plants and flowers in my home.

Trends-In or Out

I am not a trendsetter, trendstarter or even a trend follower in my home. But according to the 2019 new trends, I can now say my trend is Personal Heterogeneous Decor. Woo Hoo! What exactly is personal heterogeneous decor? Well in a nut shell it means to personalize your space with a mix of things you have a connection too. It is choosing colors, accents, accessories that all scream "THIS IS ME!" The cookie cutter approach to decorating is out. Matching your curtains to your rug to your place mats, so not 2019. I guess the grey, white and muted colors are out. And bold floral patterns, bright coral, and "Blueprint" is the hot color for 2019. Before you pick up the paint brush, reme

One Goal

Each year I try to set one big goal for myself. Last year it was to just get through the year. And guess what we made it! I know what your thinking, "Whew. Thank goodness." Actually my real goal was to get myself and my family back on track. Bring us back to the basics. It is a continued goal that we will carry into this year. BUT.... Last year, I really wanted to become very transparent, but I was scared. Scared that people will judge me, us, my family, because I am a single mom. I know now, not really a big shocker, but sometimes it is. I wanted to share what it is like in our home, doing our thing. From making soap, to making signs. And all the little things in between. I wante


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