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Just Another Day

on the farm! And other

things, thoughts,& tidbits.

Simply Quimby

Selling Season 2019!

The girls and I can't wait for the selling season to start! This year we will have four sales in the barn, along with some booths at craft fairs and farmer's markets. We are hoping to be at a new venue at least once each month throughout the summer. But our first sale at home will be June 20-22nd. We are planning that sale to be all about Summer! From cute Welcome porch signs, to watering cans, and garden decor. Hanging baskets are always nice in the summer months, and we will have those listed before the sale. We will post them on Facebook and Instagram as we get them made. Remember we do custom pieces also, just sent us a message or give us a call. Why are we starting so late this yea

Frozen Fun! Tales from the farm..

It is no big secret it was colder then cold here in MN this week. I knew the cold was coming, so that means preparing. It was Sunday early evening, we had just got back from a birthday party, I had been out to feed and set up a space heater and a heat lamp for my Silkies. I am very cautious with any heating device and only use them for short amounts of time. I never use heat lamps for overnight unless I will be going out and checking on them. I do not recommend heat lamps ever! I went back out around 9PM to find snow everywhere in my coop. I literally screamed (I won't repeat the words). I shoveled out what I could, then decided I needed to go make a plan. So I go back to the house,


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