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Mary Jo

A Tribute to

Mary Jo (Loons) Jansen was a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, friend.  She was tough, yet tender, strong but caring.  Mary was so full of life; loving the beach, the lake or a simple campfire.  She was a proud member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.  And cared for her children, friends and family always above herself.  She grew up in Columbia Heights, MN with her four older siblings.  She went to school to become a dental assistant.  She loved helping people, from the patients to her coworkers.  Mary was very compassionate about life.  And it showed with her two children and her family.  She was always smiling, at the cabin, on Lake Amelia she was brighter then the sun shining down.  Her love for boating, floating and taking in the comforts of the country were a favorite past time for her. 


On February 8th, 2019 only hours after her mother's funeral Mary was tragically taken from this world by an act of domestic violence.  Her husband shot and killed her in their home.  Mary had already filed for divorce and was attempting to leave the home the next morning.

The house was to be sold and she was ready to leave the verbal and emotional abuse.  You would have never known this was happening in the home, to her.  She didn't talk about it, like most victims of domestic violence.  But she wanted out.  And like some abusers who loose control of the situation, he tragically took her life.  One out of five murders in the US are committed by intimate partners.  After he shot her twice, he called the police and told them "I guess I don't have to get a divorce now."  He was taken into custody and her life was taken from the world. 

Death of any nature is hard for any family, but the death of a family member by the hands of domestic violence is more than a tragedy.  Especially when two of those family members are the children.  They will need support on all levels.  So that is why the family has set up a gofundme page for the children.  You may access it here.  And we have designed these decals in Tribute to Mary. 

We do not want Mary to be remembered by this act of violence but by the kindness, compassion, and love she shared with everyone she met.  We would also like to bring awareness to those in a situation of domestic violence there is help and hope for you and your family.

The first decal is a domestic violence awareness ribbon.  The second is Mary Jo's feather.  Because we would like to remember all of the good times with Mary.  And the third is the personalized Decal for Mary Jo, saying what she always told everyone "It's not goodbye, but see you later."   All of the proceeds raised from these decals will be given to her children.  We are also taking donations for the children aside from purchasing the decals.  Each decal is handcrafted and cut from vinyl.  There is a shipping charge of $3 for each decal.

Please if you are in a domestic violence situation seek help.  Here are some resources for you:


National Domestic Violence Hotline can help victims, survivors of domestic violence.

Call 1-800-799-7233


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