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Store Hours:

Thursdays      10am-5pm

  Fridays           10am-5pm

Saturdays       10am-5pm


Mondays, Wednesday and Friday's

We reopen at 6:30pm if we

have sign ups for classes

You could win prizes like free products!

  • barbara

Creating Magic and Memories!

From painting, planting, stuffing, or to just hanging out we are always creating magic and memories!

Every piece that is made has a little something that goes into it, Love. Love of creating it, love for bringing joy to someone else, love of just getting lost in creating that piece.

Creating florals, signs, as well as jewelry gives me a better understanding in patience. Having my girls help in each step of the process teaches them the fundamentals in life. From Math when measuring the letter spacing on signs, to patterns and colors when beading. It also teaches us to be compassionate to each other, even when we get frustrated. Working in the shop builds communication and helps my oldest share the joys of what she does to be a part of our business. Not to mention she is a great sales lady! Taking care of the chickens is up to my two year old, and if we are lucky, she will only drop one egg a day. But that is also a part of learning. Being gentle with our touch, our tone, and our hearts. Magic! As I watch them in their little roles for the business and our family, their eyes light up with the magic. The magic of making a piece of wood into a flower, watching it come to life with color, and then saying farewell as it goes to the new forever home.

Doing these things creates memories for our family, as we bring happiness to yours. Thank you for being a part of our adventure, our journey and allowing us to create these magical moments!

doing what we love and loving what we do!



461 3rd St N Dassel, MN



(763) 355-2320

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