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  • Barb Bolander

Hygge! Or as we say WHOO-Gah!

What exactly is Hygge? Just another popular trend that started sweeping the states in 2016? Or a feeling of cozy, comfort, and happiness that has finally found one name? Hygge (it is spelt way different the it is pronounced, Hau-gah) is a Danish ritual of enjoying life's simplest pleasures. It is the warm fuzzy feeling that you get around Christmas, only you find it all year long! It is a wonderful, magical feeling of comfort! The art of creating memories in a space that you share with your friends and family. Think fresh baked bread sliced and smothered in butter, a nice fresh cup of Joe, while you kick back and laugh with those you love. Or the solitude of a cup of tea, nestled on the arm chair with a good book. That my friend is Hygge!

Hygge is not about a perfect space in a perfect home, it is about personal comfort. Finding what makes you happy and letting it flow throughout your home. The Hygge lifestyle is about how you create your environment to give you a sense of happy, comfort, warmth, not the normalcy of what all your neighbors have.

In our home, we find Hygge on the rich red walls adorned with memories of yesterday. We find Hygge in the kitchen surrounded around the Red Cedar counter, where we all gather to bake cookies, wash eggs, or prepare a quick snack. Our home is far from perfect, typically you will find flowers, paints, dried up play-dough, as well as baby doll diapers strewn all over the living room floor. But that too is part of our happiness. Because we are creating this wonderful thing called life.

Each sign, flower arrangement, or home decor piece is made with comfort in mind. Bringing a piece of our Hygge to you.



461 3rd St N Dassel, MN



(763) 355-2320

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