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  • Barb Bolander

Re-vamped, re-modeled, re-energized!

For the past week I have been shaking my tail feathers and hammer to get the barn re-done. I decided that there just wasn't enough space for all the pretty things. So with a little help and many late nights, I am proud to say it is completed! And I am super happy with the end results, I think you will be too!

It is still a barn, with spiders that never seem to go away, and an occasional bird that fly's in to say hi. But there is a different feel now when you walk in. More of a relaxed feeling, more of that hygge feeling. And almost enough room for the girls to ride their bikes in and out. Yes, they have tried, more then once. But, I still have a full porch and a full garage of lovely items that the girls and I are working into the barn. So their biking space will quickly become just a jogging area.

Along with the re-model, I have added a few more manly items. Rusty wrenches and barrels can be pretty in a man cave, right? One question I was asked was "Why don't you clean the grease and yucky off those?" Well my answer is I don't know how to properly clean grease and yucky off a vintage wrench or can. I don't want to use the wrong solvent and potentially loose some of the quality of the piece. So many times, I leave the item "as is".

I have also added a DIY space in the back of the barn. It has old barn windows of different sizes, head boards that can be made into benches, and some other odds and ends pieces. I will be adding more items to this space as we go along. I am by far not a refurber, I can dabble here and there, but I will leave that up to all of you! We are always out and about looking for unique items, so if there is something that you are looking for let me know and I will add it to our list!

Just like with the re-model the girls and I will continue to change with the seasons. Coming into Fall is like walking into a whole new world. I love the crispness of Fall, pumpkin spice, and Halloween! I know, I don't want to think about winter around the corner either. But the best part of Winter is the warm snuggles with the littles! Because we close up the shop in November we try to rock out the seasons earlier. So in the next week we will switch to Fall!



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