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  • Barb Bolander

Cokato Corn Carnival

This lovely photo was taken by Taylor Williams and Bella Schaefer!

This three day event is the highlight of our year!

On Monday we helped our Girl Scout Troops decorate their float and the girls marched along side passing out candy and free cookies! I think this year was the biggest turn out for kids on the curb. We passed out 72 boxes of cookies along with about 50lbs of candy!

Avery loved waving at all the people watching with a giant smile on her face!

Of course we were a few floats behind the marching band so dancing was a necessary.

Then on Tuesday the girls and I go to the carnival. Nothing beats the free Corn that is donated by Faribault Foods. We shake it down with salt and enjoy the dripping nummy goodness, and trust me we wear it proudly all night!

After consuming our limit of four cobs each we venture to the Bingo stand.

We are never too sure if we have a bingo because Avery covers the card with her corn kernels. Pretty sure we have at least three each time.

Mataya always seems to be one number away! She is on the edge of her seat ready to shout BINGO!!

Then it is on to Mataya's favorite part..The Rides!!

This year the favorites were the Gravatron and the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Anything that spins is usually a favorite for this silly girl!

And it is great that we meet up with friends along the way that are willing to go on those rides with her. I do the best on the ground watching.

Avery was overjoyed with the Carousel.

The Giraffe was the greatest part for her.

But we still had to pet the puppy, monkey and at least four of the horses as we walked past. And that was getting on and getting off.

She did enjoy the cars and the slide as well but not nearly as much as the Giraffe.

On Wednesday we enjoyed more rides, more bingo, and of course played a few games. And did not come home with a fish or a bowl. But we did manage to get a few other spectacular prizes. And we always take some corn to go!

Thank you Cokato for another great year at the Corn Carnival!!



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