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  • Barb Bolander

Believe you can do anything!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a customer that really made me think. She said, "Oh I wish I could do half of what you do!" Of course my response to her was, "Oh but you can!" She laughed and strugged it off. "No really, you can! I didn't start out making beautiful pieces. They were actually really ugly, but I kept at at." That is the key to anything. Keep at it!

Like gardening.

I by far do not have a green thumb, I toss the seeds into the ground, count my blessings, make a wish and hope for the best. And you know what we get produce, sometimes it is in abundance and sometimes it is just enough to make one jar of pickles. But we continue to till the soil, stake it off, toss the seeds, sometimes actually weed, and then reap the rewards. The girls fight over who is going to plant the watermelon and Avery likes to pick everything and sneak it to the birds. It is an adventure! And nothing is better then fresh from the garden snacks, or sometimes fresh from the Farmer's Market!

The same goes for any project or pretty thing I make.

I tried to make resin dandy-lion balls one time. Spent a ton on supplies, picked all the best wish makers and tried my luck. Didn't work out the first or even the 20th time. But by the 21st time of making these little pain in the finger balls, it worked. IT REALLY WORKED! The steam rolling from my ears for weeks was totally worth it and the sense of frustration turned into excitement. And because of the success I had with those, I moved onto making ribbons casted in resin for fundraisers. I have made a ton of them in the past year, from necklaces to key chains. I sell them at cost to the people holding their benefits so that their families can worry about all the best parts of life. They should just be able to live in the moment of today without worry of paying bills tomorrow.

So back to the lovely lady that came in yesterday, Alice. She said she wasn't very crafty but enjoyed painting the birdhouses her husband builds. I told her to bring them in and I will help her with some different techniques.

I know that she can do anything, because I believe in her! Now to just get more people on board with believing in themselves. It is so frustrating to crash and burn on projects, but trust me doing it again and again, you will get better. And if there is something you just think you won't be able to tackle, I may be able to help! And I am always willing to take on new adventures in the craft world! As Buzz Light Year says "To infinity and beyond!"

The moral of the story is:

although you won't be perfect at everything, you will be great because you tried. And who knows maybe you will be perfect at everything because you believed in yourself!



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