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  • Barb Bolander

Back to School

"Mataya the bus, bus Mataya!" My two year old screams as she is running through the house. She gets so excited to see the bus coming down the gravel road. She perches in the old green chair, staring out the window as the bus pulls into the driveway. The whole time she is just chattering away about the big yellow school bus. How once she rode a bus, how she got to pet some cows with Maisy. And how this bus is Mataya's bus. She will do this everyday till the summer when the bus stops coming again.

Fifth grade, what a milestone. My big girl will always be my little girl, regardless if she likes it or not. And I am filled with more sadness this year then years before. She is my helper in the shop. She is the greeter, the cashier, the one that helps me with so many things. But more then just my helper she is my little big girl. And now she is a fifth grader. But I am excited for her this year, excited for all the wonderful things she will learn. Excited for all the new friends she will make. And how now the friends that she only got to see twice a month at Girl Scouts she will now be with everyday. Such an exciting time!

But with school starting it is also a reminder to me that the season with the shop is coming to an end. And oh how busy we get around here, both with the shop and the farm! Shuffling animals to prepare them for the cold, pulling the garden and getting it ready for the next year. And the sadest part is only a couple more months and we will close the doors on the barn till the snow is off the ground. So for the next couple of weeks we will begin to box up the collector pieces and super sell what is left. We will start moving out the Fall pieces and decorate for Christmas. And then we will shut the doors when it becomes too cold for Miss Avery to be outside.

Switching over from the retail shop to online sales is always bitter sweet for me. You don't experience the faces or have the conversations with people. I love interacting with people. Finding out about them, what they like, what they need, and what pretty projects they are working on.

But on the positive side it is also a time for us to revamp, reinvent and rejuvunate ourselves for the next year. It gives me time to work on jewelry, new concepts, and still focus on the custom pieces. This winter I will unveil new products, new idea's and great things for 2018!

It really is an exciting and sometimes frustrating time! But I wouldn't trade it for anything! Remember we are still open on Thursdays and Fridays and the goal is to be open every Saturday until the craft sale on November 4th!



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