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  • Barb Bolander

Your space, Your senses...Your Calm

More then a home, a place to rest your legs, a space for laughter, your heart. Your space should appeal to your senses. From the things you see to the things you smell. I am a huge fan of essential oils and wax melts.

Although, I love to bake who has the time for that on this crazy farm. But I want it to smell like I have been baking fresh bread or yummy treats everytime I walk into my house. There is something about smells that calm us, or at times send us shooting for the moon.

So step one in calming your home: go get yourself something that smells fantastic! Easiest place to start is your bedroom. You know that place you can hide when the kids are bonkers. Where ever you can wisk yourself away for a mere minute will work.(Sometimes it is the bathroom or a closet, no worries we won't judge). Pick up a candle, make a traditional sashel of dried flowers, get a burner, or a bottle of oil. Make sure you select a smell that calms you, many people like the smell of Lavender. I personally do not think that is a calming smell, but I am the exception. Although there is a Sugar Lavender melting wax that smells pretty decent. Place it in your space and give it time to radiate throughout the room.

Next there is the sense of sight. Going into the playroom of your children after they have been creating magic for twenty minutes is not a calming sight. Shut the door! Do not re-enter that room, you don't need to deal with all that right now! In your space, you should attempt to keep it orginized and tidy. Or at least have a few empty boxes that you can toss all your stuff into for a quick dash of calm. We are human, we are Moms (dads), busy people who should not be so invested with cleaning so much that it takes over the me time. Trust me you need the ME time more then the clean house. In your space place objects (pictures, trinkets, a flower arrangement) that can take you to a happy place. My calm is black and white pictures, 1920's flapper, and farm house decor. I have white washed frames, rocking chairs with a fluffy blankets, and an antique spinning wheel in my space.

The sense of sound, ear buds are my best friend. Make a playlist on Pandora, Spotify, or whatever app you have for music. I usually have music going all the time, in every room. My favorite relax me now because I need a minute is Tibetan Singing Bowls, or Native Flutes and Drums. I follow the beats in my head and for some reason it is an instant calmer.

Your calm doesn't have to be pulling out the yoga mat and doing the wounded peacock pose. It could be dancing, excersing, meditating, or my favorite-napping. What ever it is do it!

The key to a happy home is to have happy people. Happy people should at times be calm people. So start small, achieve the little goals, then move on to the next room. When transitioning our crazy house to a calm house (although our house is still crazy at times) I started in the bedrooms, then worked my way to the larger rooms. The kitchen for me was always a calm place, because food tends to be a natural relaxer for us.

When we become more relaxed the people around us do to!



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