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  • Barb Bolander

One Goal

Each year I try to set one big goal for myself. Last year it was to just get through the year. And guess what we made it! I know what your thinking, "Whew. Thank goodness." Actually my real goal was to get myself and my family back on track. Bring us back to the basics. It is a continued goal that we will carry into this year.


Last year, I really wanted to become very transparent, but I was scared. Scared that people will judge me, us, my family, because I am a single mom. I know now, not really a big shocker, but sometimes it is. I wanted to share what it is like in our home, doing our thing. From making soap, to making signs. And all the little things in between. I wanted to share with you that we are human, and everything we make is to bring happiness to someone else. I wanted to inspire others to try and live in the moment. Let the kids be little, let yourself relax, and share your own happiness with others. Now don't get me wrong we are not always like that, but we are working on it. And I want to help you work on it to. So it is more then just a product to us, it is a feeling. Nostalgia, laughter, smiles, a happy home.

You see, my one goal when I opened Simply Quimby, wasn't to become rich, at least not in a money way. I wanted to be able to teach my girls life lessons. Show them that you can accomplish your dreams. Share happiness with others. Weather it is a sign, flower arrangement, necklace, or even a chicken or three that makes someone smile then I have did my part. Not to mention, I love what I do! And teaching my girls to give happiness to others is one of the biggest life lessons. Mataya isn't crafty, it really isn't her thing. But she is a great people person and she loves our animals. She has a heart of gold and gives those rays of sunshine to everyone. As well as, all of her Chicken knowledge. Avery is still little but she has the biggest heart. She loves art, from painting to play-dough. She is the one sitting at the table with me making signs, chatting my ear off. And she also loves our animals, collecting the eggs is her favorite task.

So this year I am going all in, I am going to stop being scared about all that negative. And show you what Simply Quimby is all about. The good, great and sometimes iffy.

Thank you for coming along on our adventure!!



461 3rd St N Dassel, MN



(763) 355-2320

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