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  • Barb Bolander

Trends-In or Out

I am not a trendsetter, trendstarter or even a trend follower in my home. But according to the 2019 new trends, I can now say my trend is Personal Heterogeneous Decor. Woo Hoo! What exactly is personal heterogeneous decor? Well in a nut shell it means to personalize your space with a mix of things you have a connection too. It is choosing colors, accents, accessories that all scream "THIS IS ME!" The cookie cutter approach to decorating is out. Matching your curtains to your rug to your place mats, so not 2019. I guess the grey, white and muted colors are out. And bold floral patterns, bright coral, and "Blueprint" is the hot color for 2019. Before you pick up the paint brush, remember, that it is better to use these hot new colors in your accents not on your wall. Personally, I can't imagine painting my rooms every year. Thus, why I am not a trend follower. But throwing in a pop of color here and there is perfect. When it becomes the out item, you can throw it up on the garage sale sites and start fresh.

Also on trend in 2019 is de-cluttering.

Not in a minimalism way though, in a I am going to just live a simple lifestyle way. They are clearing off counters, getting rid of unneeded items, and having a more meaningful connection to their things. But in the same sentence they said to get rid of collections. *Gasp!* I believe it getting rid of the unwanted, but I don't believe in getting rid of my grandmothers tea cup collection. It sits nicely in my dining room. Yes I should dust it more often, but lets be honest here: I live on a gravel road. So I will start small here, and get rid of the pile of papers on my desk first. I am a firm believer that when you live in a cluttered space you feel the chaos within. My overloaded porch is the prime example of that. I have to store my overstock of craft stuff somewhere, so that is where it landed. And trust me if you ever want to get lost somewhere come to my porch. I feel the anxiety and overwhelming uuughhhh each time I go in there. That is my mission this year, "I shall conquer and de-clutter that space!" But I will just shut the door today and not look at it.

They say that the Farmhouse style is still in,

according to a couple articles I read. And then on the flip side some are saying it is out. I say, decorate to what you enjoy. I love primitive, farmhouse, chickens and everything old. I love simple, but then again like to have my walls full. I love old pictures, new pictures, and memories from yesterday. So my living room walls, hallway walls, craft room walls are filled with pictures. I am not a super sign person, but I have them in my kitchen and bathroom. I like my home to be functional for my girls. They love to dance, sing and perform. So our spaces need to be clear for that. I look around my house and it isn't magazine perfect but it is a happy place.

Every person is unique and that is what I love.

Don't follow the trends, follow your heart.

Let your home be a place you can be free and decorate it to make you feel cozy and happy!

"Life is always a party! Live it up!"



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