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  • Barb Bolander

Go Real or Go Faux? Plants/Flowers

I love flowers and plants.

I love how they look, smell and make me feel. But I can't keep a house plant for nothing. Either I forget to water it, or it doesn't get enough sunlight, heck maybe I am not talking to it enough, who knows why they always die. For me house plants take work. Kind of like seedlings for the garden, can't grow those little guys either, so my seeds go straight to the soil. Each year we get amazing veggies, but again not really sure how because we neglect them often also. If you have a green thumb and can keep your house plants alive, please share your secrets? Or better yet can you come take care of them for me?

I opt for the faux plants and flowers in my home. Less muss, less fuss. I just dust them off here and there and change them out with the seasons. As Joanna Gaines said in an interview for, "Every space needs some movement, and that's exactly what plants and flowers offer. I think flowers offers whimsy to a space. If you look at the space without it, it looks like it's missing something." And that is so true!! Have a little table in the corner that just needs a pop of something? Add a small vase of Daisies. Bathroom counter needs a little boost, small pot of Forget Me Nots.

Now I am not talking about the 1980's looking artificial plants. I am talking about the higher quality plants, the ones that actually look real. Typically they are made out of a rubber and not from straight plastic. You are going to spend more for the initial plant, but you're not going to have to replace that plant 4 times over when it keeps dying. (Unless you are not like me and can keep them alive.) The good thing is that now the artificial plants and flowers are better quality then they were years ago. So you can pick them up at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, for a very decent price $3-$8 a stem. I shop them often. I also use some very high quality vendors for my real touch wedding bouquets, average cost is $7-$15 a stem.

Faux plants have many other benefits also:

They stay fresh all year-Win for me!

Hypoallergenic-No sniffles from plant allergies

Most are nontoxic to pets-Aloe Vera and Lilly's are very dangerous to animals. (Although if your dog eats a full pot of artificial's it won't be good for them either)

Can be placed anywhere-No worrying about sunlight!

Low Maintenance-A light dusting here and there and your good.

Cost effective-because they last years you will pay less in the long run.

Don't get me wrong real plants have many great points also like:

They smell great!

They provide many health benefits like increasing oxygen in your home. They also increase humidity in the air and suck up 97% of toxins.

They can also help sharpen focus in people.

Regardless if you have a green thumb or a black thumb, add a touch of green to your home. Or splash some color around in vases to help invite happiness into your space. Both real and faux plants and flowers are great mood enhancers-it has been proven that having plants and flowers increase your mood by up to 80%. I will take that everyday of the year! Who doesn't want to be happy by just having a pot of Petunias.

"Happiness is not found at the destination, it's found in the journey."



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