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  • Barb Bolander

Tales from our Farm!

Our life is definitely anything but dull. There is always something that happens out here on the farm. And it usually involves chickens, dogs and kids. Sometimes the occasional goat, but they are still new, so the adventures have just begun with Thelma and Louise. I usually post our stories on my personal Facebook page, but I thought maybe you would enjoy them also.

So if you have never been out to Simply Quimby, we have about 40 feathered friends currently between two coops. Geese, Turkeys, Ducks and of course our chickens. 7 of those being roosters, and trust me when I say they don't get along. They will try to attack each other through the fence if given the opportunity.

The other day the girls and I re-homed our birds for the upcoming mating season. In the second coop we have the geese and turkey pairs in one stall and there are two pairs of Bantams in the two other stalls. And about 20 birds roaming free throughout the rest of the coop.

Well, as I am up watering the goats, little Miss Avery decides that she is going to collect her eggs, without help. The independence of a three year old is a whole different tale. There is a very loud commotion going on over by the coops. Mataya is screaming and chasing a rooster around the coop: back and forth from one side to the other, over the pallets that are stacked up, around the fence to the other side. The dog has another rooster dangling from his mouth: cool, calm and collected, just waiting for a cue to what to do with him. And Avery is standing with the door to the coop wide open waving and telling the chickens to, "come on out". I am about 40 feet away and I have absolutely no idea what direction to go. Do I run to the door, get caught up in the circling of the coop or do I take the rooster from the dog? I know that dinner will be burning in the oven now too. So I do what any Mom would do. I yell at the top of my lungs, "Drop the bird, shut the door, and you pull yourself together!!" The dog drops the rooster, the door slowly shuts, and Mataya freezes in place.

I have never seen such a blank stare on my children's faces as I walked away, but we can't have charcoal for dinner. I come back out from turning down the oven, the girls are trying to catch the second rooster, who is now under the coop, the dog is pacing the other one against the fence. They appear to have it under control so I finish feeding and watering. Oscar (the dog) is the best bird dog, he will keep that rooster pacing the fence for hours. But I ruined his fun, I picked the rooster up and put him away. After about ten more minutes the girls finally catch the rooster from under the coop. He is pretty beat up, but this isn't is first fight, so he will survive.

The balance was restored and we ate only a slightly crispy dinner.

Stay tuned for more Tales From our Farm, I am sure we will have a story every Friday.



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