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The Giving Tree

I have always been semi transparent with my story. Of how I came to make Simply Quimby, where we started to where we are today. It is no big secret that I am a solo parent to two amazing girls. Whom you see often around the shop on many different days.

But like all parents there are times when I struggle. Struggle to keep my mental health in line, struggle to give my girls the attention they deserve, struggle to put on a happy face because well I am just drained. I juggle back and forth between my passion (Simply Quimby) and my heart (my girls). Sometimes one gets more attention than the other. Especially this time of the year.

Someone asked me recently if I could have one thing right now what would that be? I said, "One day. One day to just have fun with my girls where I didn't have to stress about is it going to be fun for them, for me, and it wouldn't cost me an arm and leg to do it. A day where the only thing I worry about is my stomach hurting from laughing too much." So the light bulb went off that you know what, I am probably not the only parent that feels like this. Especially right now where gas prices are high, groceries are high and mental health is low.

So how can I give back? Give a family that one day. They say that experiences out way gifts. So why not try to do both! Of course I will need a little help to achieve this but I know where there is a will there is a way! So I am starting the first year of the Giving Tree.

I want to give back to the community that has supported me, my girls and my business for 6 years. Any family can send the request to be honored because all families deserve to have one day!

Please send your request to along with ages of the family members so that we can make sure the experience is fun for everyone. We will have a fun and creative time at Simply Quimby December 18th at 1pm. Please include any favorite snacks, beverages and things they would like to create and we will do our very best to accommodate it all.

If you would like to donate you can stop by the store or you can Venmo your donation to Simply Quimby.

Thank you all for helping me to continue to do what I love!


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