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Store Hours:

Thursdays      10am-5pm

  Fridays           10am-5pm

Saturdays       10am-5pm


Mondays, Wednesday and Friday's

We reopen at 6:30pm if we

have sign ups for classes

You could win prizes like free products!

Avery has found herself a great new craft. Farmhouse Beads! She works very hard at stringing beads of all sizes.


I asked her if there was a reason for the patterns, "Nope I just like the honey hives and the ones that are easy to poke, they are great!" I also asked her if she was going to paint them in different colors she said, "Apso..tutely!"


All proceeds go directly to Avery's piggy bank where she saves to buy LOL Surprise Dolls. They are $8 each and are about 14-16" and come in natural or your choice of color.

Avery's Farmhouse Beads



    461 3rd St N Dassel, MN



    (763) 355-2320

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