The Journey To Open

The Journey To Open

Quick catch ya up...this road is paved with stones that are sharp.  But it is still a road we will travel to get to our destination.  The destination is to open again.  Simply Quimby is more than crafts.  It's a place to spread happiness.  A place where we can relax, refresh and renew through art.  Painting!  And by painting we can release our worries and start again in a world that can be to many people, chaotic.

That is part of our mission, the biggest part of our mission.  Besides just offering another place to purchase items for your home.  It is what sets us apart from all of the other retail stores.  We are more than just one thing.  And will always be more than just crafts, just home decor, just anything.  

Simply Quimby is doing everything to be able to open the doors again and offer these things.  I was naive, I thought that we were fine to open.  Because we had been open before. But we aren't, we need certain permits and need to follow certain criteria.  So that is what I am doing.  Following the guidelines, applying for the permits, fighting with everything I have to get my business open.  And I am not mad about having to do those things, I want us to follow the rules!  I am mad that the rules are outlined in a way that make it very difficult for a business, that doesn't fall into the criteria, to achieve it.  And to make exceptions to the rules, you need to jump through hoops and pay alot of money.  We aren't a corporation, we aren't a big box store, we are a little shop offering big things.  

So the journey begins at becoming aware.  Aware of laws, codes, formality, clear concise objectives.  And the first objective is getting the permits recommended and passed from the Township and the County.  First permits are Commerical Events and the second is a Variance to be able to use the barn, coop and Quonset Hut.

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